Eczema is a debilitating skin condition which Beth Cusack, 29, has suffered with for the past four years. She found herself unable to leave the house due to the intense pain caused by the rawness of her skin.

For years, she tried to find a solution to her condition, and came up empty. Then, she saw an advert for a full-spectrum CBD oil, and decided to try it in a last-ditch attempt to experience some relief.

Beth says, ‘I didn’t think there was any way to make my skin better, until I found CBD oil.’

‘I tried so many courses of medication, creams and anything that I was told would help my skin – but it never did. Just going out for a walk would leave my skin red-raw and I would be in so much pain, so I reluctantly had to become housebound to stop myself from feeling this way.’

Beth also struggled with the physical appearance of her condition, as she felt it looked unsightly, which lowered her self confidence. However. since starting treatment with CBD oil, her skin has cleared up completely, allowing her to leave the house without pain or embarrassment.

‘Whilst doing my research I read a lot about CBD oil and the benefits that it can have on people’s skin, but I was still trying a lot of other more conventional methods,” says Beth.

‘But then one day whilst I was on social media, I saw someone who was selling the oil and thought I should give it a go.’

‘I’d previously been recommended the oil by a good friend, so thought it was worth a try. Once I received it, it took only two days for it to clear up and my skin was no longer in pain.’

Beth takes three spoonfuls a day – one before each meal – to keep her eczema at bay.

How does CBD treat eczema?

Like most skin conditions – and many other types of ailment – eczema is caused by inflammation. Inflammation is the body’s natural immune response to injury, but if it starts to overcompensate, it can lead to many different types of illness.

Eczema flourishes under an unbalanced immune system. This is why CBD is so effective in treating it! CBD works with CB1 receptors in the endocannabinoid system (ECS) that are located inside the cells and nerve fibres of the skin. It’s capable of offering anti-inflammatory properties, which can effectively treat eczema by getting right to the root of the problem.

CBD is also effective at managing skin dryness – another contributing factor and resulting symptom of eczema. In this case, CBD works with CB2 receptors in the ECS, which help to ensure a natural balance of oil is produced within the body.

When oil production becomes excessive, inflammation occurs, leading to painful eczema breakouts. CBD helps to target the oil production itself, balancing it, and reducing the risk of eczema returning or increasing in severity.

CBD for eczema from Smart CBD

Though Beth takes her CBD orally (find a full-spectrum CBD oil here), you can also apply it topically to your eczema breakouts in the form of a balm. Alternatively, find our CBD-rich pastes here, to be taken with food or water.