In 2017, regular smokers in the UK totalled 15.1% of the population. Although overall this statistic is down 5.1% since 2011, 2016 alone saw 77,900 deaths attributed to smoking.

This report shows that actually, kicking the habit is more than just beating a nicotine addiction. Smokers integrate their need to hold a cigarette into most aspects of life; whether they be waiting for a bus, drinking, or having an animated conversation with a friend.

With e-cigarettes rising in popularity year by year, the effects of CBD on those who are trying to quit smoking have been heralded as a potential solution.

What exactly is CBD?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is the non-psychoactive cousin of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) – the compound responsible for getting recreational marijuana users high.

CBD interacts with your body in a similar way, but is completely non-psychoactive, causing no feelings of ‘euphoria’ or ‘being high’. Instead, it acts as a food supplement, and offers numerous health benefits.

How can CBD help me stop smoking?

One of CBD’s benefits is its anxiolytic properties (i.e. its inherent ability to reduce symptoms of anxiety).

Recent studies have hinted that smoking is difficult to quit not because of the nicotine addiction, but the anxiety felt by quitters when they are unable to smoke. This is because smoking becomes a habit, which then feeds an addiction, and not the other way around.

As humans, we intensely dislike having to deviate from our norms. We like routine to an extent, especially if said routine is a) self inflicted and b) involves habits or behaviours that we find satisfying.

Smoking fits into both of those categories for most people, and can therefore be a difficult habit to kick.

How can I use CBD to stop smoking?

When deciding to quit, smokers have traditionally tended to go straight for nicotine patches and lozenges. Those that are brave enough go cold turkey, though it rarely works in the long term.

Because of this, many smokers trying to quit use e-cigarettes or vapes to simulate smoking, get their nicotine fix, and reduce anxiety in the process.

The familiarity of inhaling something to get a nicotine fix can really aid smokers in giving up the tobacco for good. Add to that CBD’s anti-anxiety properties, additional health benefits, and increased bioavailability in the form of a vapour, and you have a healthy, manageable option for those wanting to stop smoking.

CBD can also be ingested orally as an oil, which users drop under their tongue using a pipette. The taste is rather unpleasant, but is easily washed away with a drink of water.

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